CD is Collective Dialogue, which occurs within a group. We are a practiced dialogue group of experienced interpreters (ASL/English), all hearing, who bring our challenges and learning to this dialogic approach we call CD. The collaborative building often yields insights into our values, filters, gaps in knowledge.
The well-known expression that one 'can't see the forest for the trees' may apply here. Looking at our work as interpreters together helps us to see more than what we have focused on as the challenge or issue at hand. Others are often able to make observations or offer questions that allow us to take a step back and see more than what we alone have been pondering. Through the flow of dialogue, we may have opportunity to glimpse what was not in our awareness. And through deeper exploration in dialogue, the newly awakened awareness may help tear down barriers that have prevented understanding, generating a collective composite shared within the CD that previously was not available to each one.
For more information on CD and how it evolves according to our own growth as individuals with such a longitudinal dialogic experience, read this article on Collective Dialogue.