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We came together with a passion for deepening our understanding of our field and to create positive change.

We found that and so much more!
Each of us brought a unique knowledge base, set of values, and skills that blended together in our meetings.
We were often energized and inspired, though exhausted and challenged as well.

Our Dedicated Team

Of Seasoned Interpreters 

Alice Harrigan 
CI & CT 

Michael Labadie-Mendes 
CI & CT, NIC Master 

Joan Wattman 
CI & CT, SC:Legal 

Patricia Yachimski 
CI & CT 

We want to hear from you!

If you have a passion for the work we do as interpreters, meeting with like-minded colleagues and committing to ongoing meetings offers you a potentially rewarding and fruitful experience as seasoned interpreters. Those who have been in the field for more than a few years don't often find professional development opportunities that enrich and engage. Establishing a Collective Dialogue group may inspire you and lift you beyond the plateau you've landed on. Contact us to begin the process of creating your own CD.

from Street Leverage campaign, #iamleverage

History of CD

Login is reserved for those engaged in Collective Dialogue groups. Contact us for access and additional insights into the benefits and protocols of CD.


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