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Social distancing has an impact on all of us as we protect ourselves, our loved ones, and others. Even in places where people thought it wouldn't happen to them, the number of infections continue to spike.
While this CD was actively planning to meet, we delayed our dates to October. And then it became apparent that traveling and coming together was an unnecessary risk.
Instead, we are coming together on Zoom.
Our planning for an October CD has evolved into a Zoom retreat, where we will spend parts of 3 days online with each other. Hoping to avoid screen fatigue and figuring out how to work a schedule for 3 different time zones is a feat we can manage.
We've become adept at finding alternate approaches like this to process our thoughts about our work as interpreters.
Texting. Emails. Marco Polo and Glide. Skype, Whereby, Google Hangouts, and Zoom! We've done it all!

Rejecting certainty, embracing curiosity

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If you have a passion for the work we do as interpreters, committing to ongoing meetings with like-minded colleagues may offer you a potentially rewarding and fruitful experience as seasoned interpreters. Those who have been in the field for more than a few years often note that professional development opportunities that enrich and engage them are difficult to find. Establishing a Collective Dialogue group may inspire you and lift you beyond the plateau you've landed on. Contact us to begin the process of creating your own CD.

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