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Elements of a Collective Dialogue

The Prezi presentation above provides an overview of some of the more important aspects of Dialogue. The concepts there are deeply rooted in the work of William Isaacs' book, "Dialogue: the Art of Thinking Together," among other theoretical concepts and theories, which guide each of us as we bring our unique perspectives and abilities to dialogue.

Creating the Container

The foundations of building a container to hold all members of a CD and their individual and collective thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and more calls for agreement on how to come together and grapple with challenges and blocks.
The elements of Dialogue are crucial when in the building of this container, as it will need to hold multiple perspectives respectfully.

Inquiry as Scaffolding

Commonly held beliefs about helping another learn include direct instruction about performing a task or identifying where one may have failed at a task. This approach rarely results in meeting others at their Zone of Proximal Development, the place where learning can occur through scaffolding.
Inquiry and curiosity are the skills we need in this practice.

Benefits of Confidentiality

Talking with colleagues about challenging assignments can benefit us all. The task of doing so while respecting the confidentiality of clients requires us to be detailed, yet obtuse. Make it a practice to speak with confidentiality.

Reflective Practice of Looking at Our Work

Students of interpreting may spend hours looking at their practice videos. Yet for many of us, throughout our careers much of our work is done without examination. When an assignment challenges us, it is worthy of reflection.

For Seasoned Interpreters

While novice interpreters can benefit from a CD group over time, those who have been in the field long enough to be considered 'experienced' will benefit greatly from engaging in Collective Dialogue with other seasoned interpreters.


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